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1Is Belly Dance an effective form of fitness?
Yes, please read the “Fitness Page” for information.
2Am I too old, too fat or too skinny to Belly Dance?
You are not too old or too fat to belly dance. In fact there are aspects in which your experience and body type will work for you as a belly dancer. It is never too late to learn how to belly dance.
3Do I need to have prior dance experience?
No, you do not need to have any prior dance experience.
4Do I need to be in good shape to join the class?
The good thing about Belly Dancing is that it can be done by people of all age groups and fitness levels.
5Is there any age limit?
Anybody from the age of 13 years and above can join.
6What if I miss a class?
We would not be able to provide a separate individual session. However, the instructors go through the previous material as a refresher. You will be able to get a make –up class at any of our other centers (check with the coordinator) within a month. Please note that there is no carry over system.
7What do I need to wear?
Comfortable workout clothes (preferably stretch clothes) with a well fitted top and should be bare feet. Coin belts and tops can be purchased in class. Please look at the “Shopping” page.
8What is the mode of payment?
Payment is accepted by cash or cheque only.
9What is Hafla?
The word “Hafla” is an Arabic word meaning party. These parties can include food, dancing, music and sometimes drinking. Teachers will often host Haflas to give their students a chance to perform in an informal environment and meet other belly dancing lover.