Sanaz Dance Studio offers training classes for those who want to dance for fun, as well as those who want to pursue a professional career in dancing. Each class has a structured syllabus in accordance with the level. Sanaz offers classes ranging from Beginners to Advanced levels. Each class begins with a slow body warm-up and rhythmic movement rehearsal and dance conditioning technique to prepare the body for the specific movements intended in the later part of the class. Specific belly dance movement techniques are thoroughly broken down and introduced to the students in a simple, easy to understand manner, which is then fused together into combinations and choreographies.

Sanaz weaves into her class, information on performance, culture and etiquette pertaining to belly dancing. You can expect to be dancing the entire duration of the class, get a good workout and learn something new in each and every class. Sanaz makes all her classes entertaining, interesting, and rewarding.

Level 1 choreography

These classes offer an introduction to basic belly dance techniques including posture, muscle isolations, hip movements, combinations and basic traveling steps.

Level 2 choreography

These classes continue to focus on more challenging isolation, adulation, fast hip work as well as more combinations, an introduction to layering and traveling with movements.

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate classes continue with fast hip work, layering, techniques of stage performance, Veil Dance and Drum Music choreography classes.

Advanced Level Classes

Advanced level classes include the advanced techniques along with floor movements, more techniques of stage performance and a special choreography.


The anniversary show conducted each year gives the students an opportunity to perform on stage and graduate to the next level.

Sanaz sometimes arranges special classes for Veil Dancing or learning how to play the Finger Cymbals.

Class sizes are typically no more than 20 students. Individual attention and one-on-one teaching are some of the best attributes of Sanaz’s classes. Taking belly dance classes is a great way to meet other women in your community, strengthen and empower your mind and body, and build confidence.

You are expected to be on time to the class. Late coming will not be entertained.