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Sanaz Dance Studio is the first company established in South India in 2007 that provides training and education in Belly Dance. Founded by Sanaz Bakhtiari, who herself carries decades of training in Persian Dance,ballet, Belly Dance; the company realizes Sanaz’s dream of making people experience the joy of Belly Dancing. Sanaz holds a Bachelors degree in Art. She has experience in various art forms such as photography and pottery & sculpture. She is also trained in theater and has given several theatrical performances.

The studio provides a wholesome experience that includes cardio-training and development of required body language, to master the art of Belly Dance. The art and expression of the dance form is further accentuated with the use of unique & artistic props. The studio also provides Cardio Belly Dance for those who are looking for more fitness and fun.

Extending the learning beyond the classroom are the annual dance shows, dance parties(hafla) and exclusive workshops. The annual dance show (Raqs Sharqi) performances help the students from different age groups showcase their art and refine their ability to communicate through dance. The dance parties offer an opportunity to interact and enjoy at the same time. Finally, the workshops are a platform to learn and understand more from eminent dancers across the globe.

We invite professional artistes to Bangalore to share their knowledge of Belly Dancing with our students.

Sanaz Dance Studio also enjoys immense support from all media and communication groups. The 4 th Annual Show of the studio was covered and telecast live on Janasri TV.

Along with annual shows, Sanaz Dance Studio actively participates in dance festivals and cultural events.

About Sanaz

Sanaz came to India in 2006 from Iran, with a dream to share her love for Belly Dance. While in Iran, she had studied and practiced Persian Dance, Ballet and Belly Dance for decades. Once in India, she further studied Kathak to understand the rich culture of Indian dance and received a diploma in Indian Choreography.

Sanaz has developed her own style of teaching which makes learning Belly Dance easy and enjoyable. Since the inception of Sanaz Dance Studio, she has trained over 2000 students and has conducted many workshops in Bangalore and other cities. She has also held private classes for celebrities and has choreographed Belly Dancing for Indian movies such as Tokachukka. Her desire to extend her joy of dancing continues to grow and she hopes to make a difference in the lives of many more people with her art.

  • "Learning belly dance was a dream..... with absolutely no back ground in dancing and a belief that I had two left feet, I walked into the class where I was welcomed to the world of dance. Apart from being a fun way to work out, I discovered that belly dancing is a true celebration of femininity, beauty, grace and womanhood. The classes have been a great source of learning and developing passion for this beautiful dance form. Sanaz and her team of assistants work tirelessly to make every class an experience of dance in its purest form. Their dedication and passion for the dance is reflected in Constanze's quote - "Dancing is like dreaming with your feet".
  • “Belly dancing has become my passion. I love the fact that it's so graceful and yet full of life. It's an exotic art of movement and I feel privileged to be learning it. Although I could always dance, I never thought I could move the way I can now if it wasn't for Sanaz's classes. The technicality of her teaching is good & simple to learn. She breaks down every complicated movement into just 4 or 8 steps and before you know, you're moving like a Pro!! She sometimes gives the background or little history lessons behind certain movements, which is interesting, coz these are the small things you would never really get from other classes. There's always something new to learn Been with Sanaz Dance Studio for almost 2 years now and it's still the favourite part of my weekend! I like the environment of the classes....there's no photography allowed, so it's very safe. A great place to make new friends. And I recommend it to all women of any age or size to's fun & an awesome way to lose weight!!”

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